Friday, July 13, 2012

July 10 - Grand Canyon

Had an early breakfast at the Bright Angels Lodge, good food and friendly servers, then came back to our room to get ready for the Fossil Walk.
The walk started from the front of the Bright Angels Lodge, it was nice to see the group had people of all ages.

Our guide was a women in her fifties and makes jewelry with the fossils she collects from outside the park area, she was wearing one of her beautiful creations.

Interestingly she has rather poor eye sight and encouraged us to be her eyes. The younger kids found many as expected but Sudip found quite a few as well. I didn't find any, also as expected.

After the walk, we decided to take the car and drive the Desert View drive which goes to the east side of the canyon, stopping at all the viewpoint.
The Colorado River came into view from the aptly named Grandview Point.

The view was gorgeous from all the viewing areas We drove all the to the end, Desert View point, here we picked up a hot dog for myself and a lemonade for Sudip and started to work our way back.

On the way back we took a detour to visit the Tusayan Museum and Ruins. It was a small but well maintained site, although most of it was only the ruins. The museum was interesting.

Saw a rather interesting sign by the roadside, would have loved to see the real object.

We came back, booked the sunset tour for the evening and then went to get a malt and a hot fudge sundae from the soda fountain at the Bright Angels Lodge.

While we sat outside enjoying the weather, we visited with a gentleman who was part of a tour group from Nashville. They were staying in Las Vegas and taking a a day trip here. We discussed many topics starting from the Hoover Dam to the Packers and everything in between. A very pleasant and memorable time.

Left for the sunset tour on the bus around 6:30 PM and took the Hermit Road to the west. This side is restricted and personal tourist vehicles are not allowed on it. We watched the sunset from the Hopi Point, it was very crowded and looked like rain. Through it all the sunset was beautiful.

To top it off we saw 6 Condors flying around and catching the breeze and soaring up and away, what a huge and gorgeous bird. It was another great experience and view.

Today's dinner experience was pitiful, the waiter forgot and put scallops on my trout after being specifically explained by Sudip that I was allergic to shell fish and to make sure that the trout was not contaminated by the scallops.
He did bring me a fresh plate, the wait was long and tiring, theres was not much of an allergy or even an offer of a drink on the house, as most good restaurants would have done. Too bad it happened in otherwise what was a great day.

The temperature had started to drop and the very short walk back to our lodge was getting chilly. We had almost forgotten that feeling.

Location:Kachina Lodge

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