Friday, July 13, 2012

July 11 - Grand Canyon

We had a late and leisurely breakfast at the Bright Angels Lodge, prior to taking the "Green Bus" to the Hermits Rest and back. The public transportation is free and runs about every 10 mins, a very well managed system.

The bus stops at all the points on the way out but only at three of them on the way back. We got off the bus at Mohave Point and Pima Point and then proceeded on to Hermit's rest.

The Colorado could be seen from many of the stops and view gorgeous and ever changing. It was a little misty from time to time which added to the magical beauty of the canyon.

We came back and went to visit the Kolb Studio before picking up a light lunch from the soda fountain. Sudip went back to our lodge and I walked over to the El Tovar lobby where there was WIFi.

Many people where there but two groups stand out in my mind, one was a young family of four from London and the other a group of 60-70 year bird watchers from Scotland.

There were such a contrast, the woman in the first group constantly complained about the heat (sitting in the air conditioned lobby). Most people around her myself included, we're getting quite annoyed with her constant whining.

The second group was such a pleasure to talk to, watch and everyone of them man and women, charming, easy going. There were specifically in the area to see the Condors, and we're thrilled and excited when I told them I had seen 6 of them yesterday. They asked all kinds of questions of which I think I was able to answer two, where did I see them and did they have tags. They left to make arrangements to go to that area and I hope that saw the Condors.

After a while Sudip came out to join me and we ran into a Zoologist from the Peregrine Foundation, complete with telemetry equipment tracking the Condors. We had a very pleasant and informative half hour with him until he had to put his equipment away due to thunderstorms rolling in. He gave me their Facebook information and I promptly joined.

Tonight we decided to have a dinner at the Bright Angels lodge, this was a food decision since ir was basic good food served with a smile.
Went back to lodge to finish packing and get ready to leave early tomorrow.
All in all another great day.

Location:Kachina Lodge

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