Friday, July 13, 2012

July 12 - GC to Alamosa via Mesa Verde

Left Grand Canyon around 8:30 pm and travelled through some known areas around Kayenta.

We drove past the Four Corners and then realized that we had enough time to take a detour through Mesa Verde. Even though we had seen it quite thoroughly the last time, it never gets old.

The long winding road leading to the visitor's center from US 160, starts right outside of Cortez city limits. This road is beautiful, scenic, and well maintained. There are pull outs for scenic overlooks.

Since this was an after thought and we had a short period of time, we didn't stop at the visitors center or the museum and chose to take only the Cliff Palace Loop.

This loop offers a great view of the Cliff Palace and The Balcony House. Sudip had climbed down to the Cliff Palace on our last trip but I had stayed at the viewing area. None of us ventured to go down today but did manage to get great pictures of the dwellings.

The Cliff Palace was even more beautiful this time.

It was getting late and also started to rain, we left reluctantly deciding that in the near future we will come and stay in Mesa Verde at least 3 nights to better appreciated all the sites and the general beauty of the location.
On the way a stone chip hit the windshield, which to our dismay made a star shaped cracked that kept growing. There wasn't much we could do except leave a message for our insurance agent to call us in the morning
We arrived in Alamosa around 7:30 PM, checked into the hotel and went to dinner at Juanito's.

We were very surprised to feel chilly after being in super hot temperatures for the 12 days.


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