Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4 - Monument Valley to Page.

Slept in this morning since this was only a 2.5 hour drive and left the hotel at 10:45 am.

The drive was uneventful except for a long detour through some unmarked gravel roads through Kayenta. We are guessing this is dur to the parade since we swam mounted horses.

Arrived in Page at noon local time and found out that we have a room on the third floor with a view of the parking lot. Since I had specifically asked for a Lake view room on the main floor this did not make me too happy. The hotel was full booked from tomorrow on and couldn't make any changes.

Since our room was not going to be available before 3 pm we went to have lunch. The hotel had recommended a restaurant that was on the lake but we never found it. Instead we had lunch at the Glen Canyon Steak House, a restaurant where we had all our breakfasts the last time we were here. The meal and service were mediocre.

After lunch we went to the Horeseshoe bend, some call it the muleshoe canyon. This is where the the Colorado River makes 270 degree turn through a narrow and deep canyon. Sudip has a spectacular picture of it from last time.

The place was way more crowded this time and the second descent was too steep for me to go down. I stayed at the mid point while Sudip and all the way down.

By this time it was 3 pm and we came back to the hotel and checked in and enquirer about the Rainbow Bridge that you couldn't see the last time because the water was too low.

The Rainbow is accessible by water after a 2 hours boat ride. The other alternative is a 5 day strenuous hike. We drove to the Wahweap Marina and bought our tickets for the next day and then drove along Lake Powell enjoining this beautiful recreational area.

It would be so neat to boat on this lake and travel by water to the Antelope canyons.

Sudip decided to skip dinner and I had a take out grilled cheese sandwich from Glen Canyon Steak House. I didn't think it was possible to blow a grilled cheese sandwich but they somehow managed it. Oh well, being Page made up for it.


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