Friday, July 13, 2012

July 5 Page, AZ

Had breakfast at the Glen Canyon Steak house, the service was slow and in attentive. This is not the best place in town to eat but the food is decent and close to our hotel.

We picked up a couple of sub sandwiches and drove to the Wahweap Marina for the Rainbow Bridge trip scheduled for 12:30 PM.

We boarded around 12:15 and sat inside due to the heat and the glaring sun. The boat was well equipped with water, lemonade, coffee etc.
We departed on time and passed by some interesting rock formations.

The waterway was very crowded and we had to slow down many times to not create a large wake for the smaller boats. The Rainbow Bridge is actually in Utah and we travelled on the UT side shortly after starting.

The scenery was nice but not as interesting as sailing through the antelope canyons that we had done on our previous visit.

The distance from the marina to the trailhead is 50 miles and took a good 2 hours. The trail is an easy walk of half a mile or so and at the start of the forbidden canyon. This is considered a holy place and it is forbidden to walk under the bridge.

This natural bridge is absolutely beautiful from the first glimpse to the full view and well worth the visit.

The first glimpse, and I spotted it first which is very rare for me:

In full view:

It was gorgeous and the hike to it short and easy. Although it was still very hot we didn't have much problems.

On the return trip there were granola bars and apple together with the water, lemonade etc, a very nice touch.

When we docked, it was past 6:30 pm and we decided to go and have dinner before going back to the hotel.

The last time we came to Page, we went to a Mexican restaurant that not only had great food but the biggest and best margaritas I have ever had. It had always been my intention to go there again and we did.

I was told there would be an hour and a half wait. As we were waiting we met a group from Salt Lake City, who come down once a year to boat on Lake Powell. One of the couple had a son in Afghanistan and having learnt that my husband was there during better times, wanted to know all about it.

The time flew past quickly and pretty soon they were seated and we shortly after. Ordered my margarita and Sudip had a Mexican beer, which he really liked. The margarita of course as large and as fabulous as before.

Since we were both very tired and neither of that hungry, we ordered an appetizer each and asked for our bill right away. Much to our surprise the server informed us that our bill was taken care of; we were totally taken by surprise and ask who they were. In went inside to enquire and came back to inform us that they wish to remain anonymous.

We decided it had to be the group from Utah and specifically the couple with their son in Afghanistan. I walked over to their table to thank them, they wouldn't quite admit it but the others at the table verified that it was them. It was a beautiful gesture, maybe they were relieved to talk to someone who had been to Afghanistan and that made them feel closer to their son. Whatever their reason was we were overwhelmed and hope and pray that their son is safe and comes back to them unharmed.

What a great day it was.


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