Friday, July 13, 2012

July 7 & July 8 - Las Vegas

July 7:

Slept in this morning, there was nothing on the agenda prior to 11:00 AM. Some if us got together and walked to the Million Dollar Mall to have breakfast and a rain forest show. Both of which were very good.

On the way back we kept running into many others that we know but hadn't seen for a while.

Spend the day attending various programs, had a really late lunch (4:00 pm) at Sea Thai. We were seated on the side tables today and had a great conversation with couple next to us. The food was good and we ate entirely too much if it.

Attended a few more programs, played the penny slot machines and then retired for the night.

July 8:

Today's is the St. Xavier's College reunion, the main event that Sudip came to participate in. He studied there from kindergarten through graduation and had and still has strong ties to it.

I didn't realize that this was the inauguration of the USA Alumni chapter and that was interesting and ceremonious.

Sudip had hoped that he may find classmates but no such luck, the closest was a first cousin to one of his classmates. We all had to standup and introduce ourselves, Sudip was very intense and earnest in his introduction.

An hour went by quickly, I was hoping to get a good group photo but came out blurry, I hope to replace it if someone else has a better picture.

The group had alumni from '40s graduating class to that of 2012 and everything in between as can be seen in the picture.

After the re union we went to some of the other programs, then had samosas and tea for a late lunch/snack.

Watched a few more programs, browsed the stalls for Books and finally bought a CD. Then we went up to our rooms for Sudip to rest and for me to catch up my writing.

Had dinner at Joe's Stone Crab, which was across the street in the Forum. This was a restaurant we went to the last time and remember it as having excellent food. Sudip's scallop dinner did meet his expectations but unfortunately my steak fell very short of mine.

On the way to dinner, we stopped to see the water show at Bellagio's, this is another thing that will never get old for me and I could watch it over and over again.

Retired for the night a bit early as we had a long drive to Grand Canyon tomorrow.

Location:Las Vegas

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