Friday, July 13, 2012

July 6 - Page to Las Vegas via Zion

Had breakfast at the Glen Canyon restaurant was soon on our way to Vegas. It was going to be so different after being in the artificial city with ostentatious display of wealth and splendor after being in such natural beautiful and scenic places.

I didn't feel like going but since the re union was the ultimate reason behind this whole, I guess I have to.

The way to Vegas was through Utah and quite pretty and we were surprised to find that we would be driving through Zion National Park.

This was a very pleasant since Zion has always been both of our favorites. We needed to be in Vegas by a certain time and thus wasn't able to spend too much time in there but we did make most of the little time we had including a lunch break at Arkansas Al's Steak House inside the park.
We arrived at Vegas in good time but couldn't find the turn of into Bally's with making a few phone calls.

The lines at the check in was long, mostly conventioneers from the one we were going to attend. It took us about 30-45 mins to check in but we got a free upgrade since the all the regular rooms were gone.

Went to our room, changed and freshened up and went to the adjoining Paris Hotel to register and join in the opening ceremonies that had already started.
We met a few people that we regularly and some rarely, this is one of the best part of going to these conventions.

Went to have dinner at Sea Thai but mix judged the opening and went into the Tequila bar next door. We realized our mistake after looking at the menu and when we explained the waitress just took our cutlery away and left.

The Sea Thai had a bit of a waiting but the food was definitely worth it as was decor. We were seated in the middle section and due to clever arrangement, to anyone looking in looked like we were seating the floor around a lotus pond with a large statue of Buddha at the head of the pond.

We went back in to join the remainder of the ceremonies and then retired for the night.

The lights of Vegas were so bright that the room was dimly lit through the heavy drapes all through the night, not bright enough to be irritating but a sort of a glow.

Location:Las Vegas

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